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    3. Supplier registration portal
      Supplier registration portal
      Supplier registration portal
      * Full name of the company:
      * Date of incorporation:
      * Unified social credit code:
       Validity of business license:
       Registered address of business license:
       Scope of business:
      * Registered capital of business license:
      (Ten thousand yuan)
       Office address:
      * Paid in registered capital:
      (Ten thousand yuan)
       Average turnover in the past three years:
      * Top 10 customers :
      * Top 10 customers in electric equipment industry:
      * Main parts:
       Main parts suppliers:
       Main production equipment:
       Total number of employees:
       Nature of enterprise:
      Nature of enterprise
      Other Economic Types
      Foreign Sole Proprietorship
      Sino-foreign Joint Ventures
      Joint-stock Cooperative
       Number of technical posts:
       Type of company:
      Type of company
      Dealer (Agent)
       Number of Manufacturing Posts:
       Date of establishment:
       Main products:
       Certification system passed by the company:
       Main competitors:
       Sales reference:
      * Outsourcing process involved in the product:
       Industry ranking:
      * Environmental risk factors involved in products:
       Market share:
       Number of production bases:
      Production base address and corresponding products
      * Production base address:
      * Product category:
      Contact person
      * Name:
      * Position:
      * Phone:
      * Email:
      * WeChat:
      Submit immediately
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