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    3. BFT-2000
      BFT-2000 station automation terminal
      It is a new type of power distribution terminal, which integrates the functions of telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, protection and communication. It is widely used in multi loop centralized monitoring applications such as power distribution room, ring main unit, switching station and post switch.
      Features and highlights

      High performance 32-bit microprocessor is the hardware development platform, and efficient embedded real-time operation is the software development platform;

      The maximum configuration is 96 channels of remote communication, 18 channels of voltage and 54 channels of current acquisition;

      It is installed in the switch station, distribution room, ring main unit and prefabricated substation of the feeder circuit of the distribution network;

      With remote signaling, telemetry, remote control;

      It integrates the functions of protection, measurement, control and remote communication;

      It supports multiple communication interfaces, including RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, industrial ethernet and GPRS / GSM;

      It is designed with full industrial low-power technology and wide temperature range to meet the requirements of harsh environment.

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