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    3. JX
      JX distribution box
      JX series lighting power control distribution box is divided into general-purpose type, outdoor type and perspective window type. It can be made into open type and concealed type according to the needs of users. It has designed a series of structural dimensions to meet the different needs of customers. It is widely used in civil buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, commercial and residential office buildings, sewage treatment plants, power plants, substations and other terminal power distribution fields.
      Features and highlights

      JX series lighting power control distribution box is divided into general-purpose type, outdoor type and perspective window type. This series of products are widely used and can be equipped with control systems with different electrical performance as required, such as air conditioning control box, machine tool drive control box, water pump control box, fire control box, etc;

      The box adopts detachable color galvanized (or aluminum-plating zinc) mounting plate, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. There is an inner door installation code for customers to choose. Knock down holes are punched on the upper and lower walls of the box shell, which is convenient for the installation of various cables or pipelines. The investment casting adjustable hinge is used, and the door opening is more than 135 °. The inner side of the door is welded with a reinforcing rib, which is convenient for the installation of the trunking and the hiding of the door sealing edge, which is neat and beautiful;

      The operation and maintenance are accessable in front of the distribution box, and it can be embedded or wall mounted;

      Electrical instruments and operation buttons can be installed on the front door panel of the distribution box, which is convenient for observing the operation status of the main circuit and for power on and off operation;

      JX3 outdoor power distribution box can be made of high-quality steel plate or stainless material. The outer door can be designed as a glass window structure to clearly observe the status of components in the box.

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