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    3. KYN61
      KYN61 AC metal enclosed switchgear
      KYN61 AC metal enclosed switchgear is used in the process of power generation, transmission, distribution and energy conversion of power system. It is used for switching, controlling and protecting the power consumption.
      Features and highlights

      The primary live part of the product adopts air insulation (with inclined contact box) or composite insulation, which meets the standard requirements;

      ANSYS software is used to analyze the electric field strength of each part, which ensures the reliability of product design;

      The fillet bus is used to optimize the electric field;

      Thickened heat shrinkable bushing is used to strengthen the insulation performance;

      High quality insulating parts are used, and the partial discharge of single insulating part is less than 3pc;

      For the plateau cabinet, the highest altitude can reach 2500 meters.

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