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    3. OKKEN
      OKKEN high reliability low voltage intelligent switchgear
      Widely used in power distribution of 7300A and below and motor control of 250KW and below in large and medium-sized places in the tertiary industry, infrastructure, etc., meeting the needs of low-voltage power distribution and intelligent motor control in large engineering fields such as high-rise buildings, data centers, electronic plants, rail transit, nuclear power, manufacturing industrial assembly lines, etc. Our company is the largest domestic OKKEN product technology authorized enterprise of Schneider company.
      Features and highlights

      Use Schneider high-end components to ensure advanced technology and high reliability and security.

      Introduced with global technology, it can realize the use of various high-end technical functions, such as communication technology, remote control, remote adjustment, telemetry, remote signal intelligent digital technology, etc;

      Proprietary patented technology ensures good performance price ratio;

      There are various solutions to meet the needs of users, including high-end nuclear power, automation system and various special environments;

      Professionally designed bus system can reduce electromagnetic radiation and temperature rise, and ensure the convenience of field installation interface.

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