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    3. Integrated energy service solution
      Providing clean energy to serve thousands of families
      Integrated energy service
      Integrated energy service system is an autonomous system based on distributed generation, energy storage device, energy conversion device, load monitoring and protection, which realizes the coordinated control of source network load through self-control, protection and management, and meets the requirements of users for distributed generation access, power quality, power supply reliability and security. Baiyun Electric has mastered the key technologies of integrated energy service system, such as overall planning and design, protection and control, operation optimization and energy management, microgrid simulation, etc.

      We have self-developed on-line monitoring system for photovoltaic power station.The system is a set of intelligent monitoring system specially developed for photovoltaic power station and distributed photovoltaic power generation project, which integrates the functions of data acquisition, display, status monitoring, abnormal alarm and analysis. It can real-time monitor the operation conditions and coordinated control of core equipment such as photovoltaic array, inverter, combiner box and power distribution cabinet in photovoltaic power station, and meet the monitoring requirements of system safe operation and dispatching, and realize online real-time monitoring of multiple roof photovoltaic power stations in the workshops of its subsidiaries;

      Master the core technology of new energy storage and inverter, and possess the products such as photovoltaic inverter, energy storage converter, energy storage battery and so on. Photovoltaic inverter has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, safe and reliable performance, which can meet the requirements of indoor, outdoor and other different application environment. The energy storage converter can realize charging and discharging integration, and support a variety of energy storage batteries, which is safe and reliable. The lithium titanate battery has the advantages of long life, high safety, fast charging, good cycle performance and so on.

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